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Issued: 08 April 2016

Event:   Monday 11 April 2016

 Media Doorstop Monday Rockhampton

 Truckies convoy to protest against Labor’s RSRT

Federal MP Michelle Landry will jump on board a Mac truck with local owner drivers as the local trucking industry steps up a campaign against the controversial Road Safety Remuneration Tribunal.

A group of angry truckies will convoy across the old bridge in Rockhampton sounding their horns. Owner-drivers fear an order to force them to apply fixed rate contracts by the tribunal will force them to close their business.

 Major truck dealerships are also concerned about their business and the risk to local jobs. The fixed rates were due to start this month, until the federal government stepped in with court action to delay the start of the order.

 Ms Landry will head back to Parliament in Canberra this month to back legislation to push the start date of the order back until 2017.

 Michelle Landry is going one step further to call for the RSRT to be abolished all together.

 The RSRT was set up by the Labor Gillard Government at the behest of the Transport Workers Union.

Who:  Federal Member for Capricornia Michelle Landry

          Tony Hopkins – Director Hopkins Brothers Transport

Other local trucking business owners

 Date:  Monday, April 11, 2016

 Time: 11am

 Place: Meet for doorstop outside Capricorn Spire Tourist Information Centre, Gladstone Rd, Rockhampton.

 Notes:  Doorstop interviews first. Then truckies will load up and drive trucks across the old bridge tooting horns.


This is the report from PricewaterhouseCoopers that has been long awaited by the owner drivers, it was released yesterday 1/04/2016, it's a review of the Road Safety Remuneration System (click here to read it)


Below is a link to the Minister for Employment Senator Michaelia Cash where you will find links to both reviews at the bottom of her page and our need to participate in the consultation process, I encourage everyone affected by the RSRO to be involved, we cant allow this to get away from us now.




Information regarding the full RSRO 2016 can be seen on this link



Also read notes from the Vice President Russ Martin


RSRT Explained in plain English (I hope)

 Do you know what the RSRT is? Well you should it's due to bite on the 4th of April 2016, this ill-conceived plan developed by Remuneration Safe Rates Tribunal (RSRT) is about to bring the trucking industry to its knees, I'll explain as I go.

 The road transport industry is divided into two groups, the price takers and the price makers, if you're an astute business person you're most likely in the price maker group with your own work and contracts, if you're a price taker you're most likely at the mercy of the big end of town who dictate the rate and play one against the other to get the cheapest rate, this is the area where the RSRT failed miserably.

 Owner drivers and family run operations will feel the full force of this scheme, it is driven by the TWU in collusion with a handful of price takers that were taken for a ride and conned, throughout the process they unwittingly brought about a scheme that will get rid of the independent operators themselves included, this scheme was developed by the TWU under the stewardship of Tony Sheldon to eliminate the small operators in favour of the sympathetic and supportive multinational.

 Very few independent operators are TWU members this eroded their power over the freight distribution industry, it's about power and control, no government can function if one group could lock down all freight movements to further their own agenda.

 The writing of the ‘Order’ as it is known, is convoluted and ambiguous and open to numerous interpretations, it has even been suggested that it may require a court case to define the intent of the Order, surely the intelligent people who spent some four years on developing this could have made it more definitive.

 The Order only captures owner drivers and small family operators, it's very selective and narrow in its application, the biggest problem is that the people it's supposed to help it actually destroys, I'll explain that.

 At the moment the major freight companies are subcontracting their work at starvation rates to the price takers, why? Because they are exploiting the operators that have come into the industry without any work of their own, they rely on being able to survive on subcontract work wholly and solely, that makes them vulnerable, the majors keep their trucks on work that allows them to run legal and on big profit margins, the subbies do the rest usually on unrealistic operational and financial terms.

 Enter the RSRT, a minimum viable rate is the answer, do you think so? Now the Order states that if you’re getting a better rate it's incumbent on the hirer to continue to pay you at that level and the minimum rate doesn't apply, do you still believe in the tooth fairy? The hirer isn't stupid they will terminate the contract and call tenders, which is their right, who do you think will get the job? Of course, Mr minimum viable rate, it will become the common denominator for all work.

  Forcing the majors to accept that they should pay you according to the RSRT calculator when it means increasing the rate only makes it more attractive to expand their own fleet, there will be no financial benefit in using subbies, and they will phase them out.

Understanding the RSRT is a minefield and you'll still be confused, there are some elements that are blatantly discriminatory in relation to family members involved in the family business, this was totally unnecessary and reeks of victimisation.

 Below is a link to the RSRT rate calculator it takes a bit of time to understand the category that reflects your operation, and if you use different configurations different rates apply

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 If you require more information on the RSRT go to

 People removed from the business environment who attempt to regulate industry invariably get it wrong, that's the case here.

Mick Pattel


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L-R George Birkbeck, Pommy Pearson, Geoff Single, Russ Martin(back) Peter Whytcross

Tony Hopkins, Rod Hannifey(back) Ken Wilkie, Steve Smith.

The latest report from the president can be found by clicking here


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