Gordon MacKinlay


National Vice President

Gordon MacKinlay



  I’m from Holbrook NSW just north of the Vic border. I run a small 2 truck operation with my wife and kids (they wash, drive motivate all sorts of things) running mainly Syd-Melb-Bris as well as regional areas as well. We carry general freight in tautliners.


 I got involved with the association after the convoy to Canberra which with the help of National Road Freighters Association and other industry groups I was one of the organisers. It was this experience that I learned you can make a difference if you believe and are passionate and don’t back off. I intend to carry this same passion through to my vice presidency and invite you all along to help.


 That’s enough out of me, let us all know your story, thanks for reading and mostly for joining the board, I’m bloody excited about our future,