Rod Hannifey


Rod Hannifey Honorary Member

Rod Hannifey has been made an HONORARY MEMBER of the NRFA by a resolution passed by the executive at the Dubbo meeting for his contribution to truck safety and promotion.

Rod has a long history of being at the forefront of bringing safety issues to the attention of the public and his peers as well as government officials.

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 TIV January 2014 update


Rod Hannifey with his Truckright Industry Vehicle,
which has the Chek-Way Eliminator system installed

UPDATE FROM ROD  27/06/2010

Goodaye all. My apologies for the delay and gap. I am still hoping to have an announcement re a new truck in the next month and this will be with some support from the truck manufacturer and for possibly a 5 year agreement. Just before returning Ken's truck I had staff from Main Roads travel the Brisbane Urban Corridor and then contacted a local paper after seeing a story saying trucks were not complying with new trucks in the left hand lane only trial. The paper came back to me and I then did a trip with them, leading to a story with a bit more balance I believe. The journo did have a rigid license, but had never been in a b-double.

Last week I took part in the Dubbo High Productivity Heavy Vehicle trial as the current (b-double) combination following a BAB Quad, 2 AB triples, a b-triple and 2 roadtrains. I then took a new NTC staff member through to Melbourne and followed this up with a couple of radio interviews about the day. So I have not given up and believe with the new truck I will be able to achieve even more than I have so far. I did cop a flogging in one industry newspaper, but have had many more drivers ask about the future of the TIV and expressing thanks for my efforts so far.


It is this drivers support and the hopes that with a better supported TIV I will be able to do even more in getting the TIV into the public arena, that make me continue to keep trying. Some of the supporters of the TIV have all ready confirmed continued sponsoring of the new TIV as soon as I can get it on the road and I will be approaching all of you individually as soon as I can confirm the new truck for your comments, suggestions and continued support. New curtains on the trailers will be a part of the new vehicle and I am working on the improved design at the moment. Thank you all again for your participation and I look forward to talking to you all with good news for the future. Safe Travelling, Rod Hannifey. 0428120560




Goodaye all, I attended the ATA Convention with the TIV on display at the front of the

Convention Centre and made the most of my time there seeking support and comments

etc. I believe it was a success and look forward to more drivers attending the next one in


The TIV will be on Discover Downunder next Saturday at 4.30pm on Channel 7 following a

film session in Melbourne some time ago. They are also interested in doing another

possible spot out on the highway at some time in the future. Years ago when in Finemore

tankers, I did a spot for this show, but it was mainly dialogue and did not go to air, only

onto the DVD of the first series. I have been involved with caravanners for many years and

whilst some truck drivers say many have improved, there is still a long way to go to

educate them all about sharing the road with trucks.

I have not had a single bid for the last trips, though have received an offer of a bonneted

truck which will not suit and an enquiry about a truck, but am waiting to hear back. I got a

couple of calls from drivers etc wishing me all the best.

I hope to announce by next month a replacement prime mover with the help and

participation of a manufacturer and a truck association, but this is possibly 3 months away

and I do not know what I will do in the interim as yet. I have emailed some big companies

and will probably send an email to all as a last resort. I have two weeks left to either buy

or return Kens prime mover and am thinking positive, if not I probably wouldn't sleep at

night. My next column in Owner Driver offers a thank you to you all and of course being

positive, a hope you will all continue your support for the future.

At the convention I did a radio interview on 4BC re the Brisbane Urban Corridor and then

wrote a piece which I sent to Jan at QTA who gave me a contact to send it to at Qld Dept

of Transport. This then led to a trip last Monday with Qld Dept of Transport staff in the TIV

and following and filming the trip from one end to the other of the BUC. We then spent at

least another hour discussing issues and I am hopeful we will get a fairer hearing for the

future. The problem is, the trucks in left lane only in parts of the BUC is an election

promise, not a road safety or common sense idea. I have followed this up with a reply to a

local paper in the area which had a story saying truckies were ignoring the new rule and

hope we will get a chance for a reply.

Thank you all for your help and support of the TIV so far and for the future and should you

know of someone who may be interested in bidding on the last trip, I would welcome your

help in distributing the message re the auction on my website.

Safe Travelling, Rod Hannifey.

Congratulations Rod Hannifey


 Truck suspension monitor wins the night on the New Inventors

The Chek-Way Eliminator system, which monitors truck suspensions, has been recognised for its potential on the ABCTV show The New Inventors.

Designed by Queensland engineer Roger Sack, the Chek-Way Eliminator system was announced as the invention of the week.

The system works by using Air Pressure Transducers (APTs) connected to truck suspensions to measure their load weight, load distribution and suspension condition. This not only ensures the truck is in full compliance of the law, but can also reduce the damage the truck causes to the road.

But the system has another benefit: it hasthe ability to record the existing damage to the road. By measuring the G-forces placed on the suspension, any significant road damage is recorded, and through the use of GPS reported to the relevant road authority.

ATA General Council owner/driver representative Rod Hannifey has the Chek-Way System installed on his Truckright Industry Vehicle and said it has benefits for both the trucking industry and governments.

“In simple terms, the device constantly monitors my load distribution and suspension condition, which saves money by preventing damage and ensuring the truck remains on the road, Rod said.

To operate under HML we have to regularly check our suspension to ensure it is road friendly. This system can tell us exactly how the suspension is performing, and when it needs to be replaced.

According to Rod, the systems ability to report dangerous road hazards to authorities could change how the trucking industry and governments interact.

When it comes to the issue of damage to roads, the trucking industry and governments' relationships has always been a bit us-versus-them, Rod said.

We are the usually blamed for all the damage to the road. But if we had properly constructed and maintained roads to drive on, damage wouldn't be as much of an issue.

That's where this system comes into its own. Every time a significant bump in the road is recorded a GPS location is taken.

When the information is downloaded, it can then be used by the roads authority to accurately record the site, which can then be repaired.

For the industry, it means we will have better roads to drive on, which will significantly reduce the cost of repairs to our trucks, as well as make our roads easier to drive, which will have a big impact on fatigue."

More information about the Chek-Way Eliminator system is available at