Rowan Goltz


Rowan Goltz Honorary Member

The NRFA Executive are pleased to announce that Mr Rowan Goltz is an HONORARY MEMBER of the NRFA

Rowan is deserving of this prestigous honour.

Congratulations ROWAN GOLTZ 

Rowan Goltz is 12 years old.  Read that slowly, men and women of Australia - ROWAN IS 12 YEARS OLD.  Rowan attends Marian State School.  He is third generation transport industry.  Here is a copy of the speech that Rowan completed for a school project. 

Australian Truck Industry

Australian Truck Drivers are being treated like second class citizens and the Government is happy to put their lives at risk by making them follow these new regulations.
Our truck drivers are a big part of the running of Australia. While you are home with your family, they are moving freight all across Australia 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It is a hard job and they can be away from home for months at a time.
These days it is harder than ever for our truck drivers. Their pay rate is low and there hours are long. They have to work to a log book and hope they don't make any mistakes in it because when they get pulled up by the police to have their book checked it will cost them money and demerit points on license. Mistakes like spelling or forgetting to sign the bottom of the page can cost them more than what they get paid for that trip. An example of this is if you were to write Rocky instead of Rockhampton, it would cost you 3 points and $300. I know of a man who put 2007 instead of 2008 in January this year and lost points and got fined for it. You only get 12 points on a drivers license and truck drivers don't get anymore for having a truck license. If you lose points off your licence it takes three years to get them back.

When they get their log books checked, the police go back through their log books to the last time it was checked. That could be 6 months or more and they can be charged for any mistakes they have made in that time. So they can loose their license without even having a traffic offence. License means no job.

To own a truck these days costs a lot of money. The price of fuel and rego for trucks has risen so high many smaller companies have gone bankrupt because along with all the other bills that are involved with owing a truck, you can't afford to keep it running. The rates that truck drivers get, many have left the industry because they just can't afford to live. They have families to feed as well and they get treated like dirt from the public and the Government and all they want is a fair go.

Stop and think about everything you have in your house or even this room. Everything has come by a truck at some stage. If they all stopped, how would we survive. I have heard people say that we should just send it on the railway. That is a great idea but how do you think the freight gets to the railway station. The food we eat, the furniture we use, even the cars we drive all come by truck

It is time we looked after our unsung heroes. They miss out on time with their family and friends so that we get quality time with ours, just so they can feed theirs. People need to stop criticizing them, get behind them and help them get something done about it so they can do the job that they love with out the worry of losing there license or losing there homes..
I would like to see the government change the laws for our trucking industry. They are the only industry I know that gets penalized for working overtime.

The NRFA is proud to have young MEN like

Rowan on board.  He is the future of transport.