Trevor Warner

Trevor Warner

Trevor Warner Queensland Delegate



My story isn't anything too interesting. I have been a small business owner and in construction for a while. Been driving trucks for 20yrs with the last decade doing Interstate.

Once I got into the Interstate work, running produce to market and then Overnight express back home. It became obvious how this industry is attacked from every angle.

My main political actions was submissions to the NTC on how the Fatigue laws do not fit into some sectors and how the drivers and Owner Drivers were set up by the prime contractors to do the borderline illegal stuff.

Then after assisting some mates who were underpaid wages, got to see how employers were using wages laws were to exploit the use free labor by Interstate drivers. This practice also puts downwards pressure on Owner Drivers rates when competing for work.

For several years now, I have pushed for reform in this area of wage enforcement, so everyone is playing on an even playing field.

We have identified exactly what has to occur now for this to be implemented, in which the TWU legal team also agree.

I have attempted on convince all transport workers to become involved in an association. The current system of lawmaking require a group approach, as individually the task is near on impossible to achieve.

The chance to join the NFRA board is a welcome challenge and I hope I can serve the position well. Drivers and operators are searching for a united voice and I see the NRFA as the only alternative to the TWU.

Thank You

Trevor Warner

Qld delegate