The National Road Freighters Association envisions a future marked by continuous advocacy for industry reform and the advancement of the interests of road freight operators across Australia. As the association looks ahead from 2024, its journey will be characterized by a relentless commitment to representing the voice of the “small guy” in the transport sector and fostering collaboration with industry stakeholders to drive positive change.

Building upon its foundation laid in 2008 following the National Road Transport shutdown, NRFA will continue to evolve into a dynamic grassroots association. With board members deeply engaged in various aspects of transport operations, ranging from bulk and oversize to refrigerated, dangerous goods, and livestock transportation, NRFA will maintain its role as a staunch advocate for the diverse needs of its members.

One of NRFA’s primary objectives for the future is to remain actively involved in shaping legislative initiatives that benefit the road freight industry. The recent passing of the Closing Loopholes Bill served as a milestone in NRFA’s advocacy efforts, and the association is poised to continue leading the charge for industry reform. By collaborating with industry bodies and policymakers in a bipartisan manner, NRFA will work towards addressing concerns within the transport sector and promoting fair and equitable practices.

Under the leadership of President Glyn Castanelli and a dedicated board, NRFA will strive to carve a path to Canberra and amplify the voices of road freight operators on the national stage. The association’s mission to advocate for legislative improvements reflects its unwavering commitment to addressing industry challenges and fostering a supportive environment for its members.

Looking ahead, NRFA recognizes the importance of staying ahead of emerging trends and technologies in the transport sector. By embracing innovation and leveraging new opportunities, the association will continue to empower its members to thrive in a rapidly evolving industry landscape.

In the years to come, NRFA envisions a future where road freight operators of all sizes have a strong voice and are empowered to shape the direction of the industry. Through collaboration, advocacy, and a steadfast commitment to its members, NRFA will play a pivotal role in driving positive change and fostering a sustainable and prosperous future for the Australian transport industry.

The makeup of our Board is the Executive plus two representatives from each state. The President can only hold office for three consecutive years then must stand down. The presidency is the only position with this requirement, but we can remove the President at any AGM.

The NRFA has established a good working relationship with the regulatory bodies and other industries organisations. We have the unique ability to promote real-life, real-time experience concerning regulation and compliance.

Our Objectives

The National Road Freighters Association (NRFA), is committed to promoting a culture of safety, sustainability and profitability across Australia’s road freight Industry. 

It is our mission to be a strong, unified voice for drivers, owner-operators, and fleets – large or small, advocating for policies and initiatives that drive safer, more efficient and profitable transport operations.