The formation of the National Road Freighters Association (NRFA) was born out of the National Road Transport shutdown on the 28th of July 2008 by Mick Pattel and co-founder Peter Whytcross. Our 2 founders could see that small enterprises had very little say in the processes that affected their day to day operations and they had next to no representation when dealing with Local, State & Federal governments and bureaucrats.

The NRFA is a grassroots association and the board members are active participants in the business of freight distribution. They bring to the table firsthand experience from every facet of transport, i.e. Bulk and oversize, general, refrigerated, overnight, dangerous goods, livestock and so on. We recognise the many different requirements across the entire freight task.

The makeup of our Board is the Executive plus two Directors and two Delegates from each state. The President can only hold office for three consecutive years then must stand down. The presidency is the only position that has this requirement, but the President can be removed at any AGM.

The NRFA has established a good working relationship with the regulatory bodies and other industries organisations. We have the unique ability to promote real life, real time experience in relation to regulation and compliance.

Our Objectives

  To provide professional representation at all Government and community levels supporting the road transport industry and all support industries that rely on road transport. 

  To carry out industry related programs that deliver safe, efficient and viable road transport to the Australian community.

  To provide a lobby for the purpose of gaining sensible and workable regulations that  guarantee realistic and workable compliance.

 To improve the profile and image of the industry to attract young people into the road transport industry.

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