Membership benefits

By becoming a member, you not only have the opportunity to have your voice heard, but you will instil confidence in your representatives at the discussion table that they will be able to call in the troops should the need ever arise, as demonstrated during the “stop the safe rates” campaign.

Access & support

All financial members have direct access to all board members and are encouraged to contact the NRFA to raise an issue that needs to be brought to attention at a State or Federal Government level.


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fuel discount

All Members will receive a fuel discount benefit. Via Caltex owned sites, The discount is for diesel and unleaded. Visit

Oz help

Owner drivers have limited resources to address the risks that lead to poor mental health. The transport industry is closely linked to rural communities and agriculture and it is expected that there will be a rise in the need to support this sector due to the impact on communities from droughts and bushfires. For more information visit or

GPS tracking systems

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